The Adventures of Memento Mori

The Adventures of Memento Mori: A Cynic's Guide for Learning to Live by Remembering to Die, is podcast exploring the science, mysticism, culture and mystery of death. Satirical and philosophical, the show follows host, D.S. Moss, as he attempts to reconcile his own impermanence and live a more meaningful life. Problem is, life keeps getting in the way.
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The Adventures of Memento Mori



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Mar 17, 2017

Part two of the podcast finale joins D.S. Moss in the jungles of Peru at the Temple of the Way of Light where he attempts to kill his ego through a series of seven ayahuasca ceremonies. Life Coach turned Death coach, Devin Martin, returns to guide Moss in his intensions for what turns out to be the finale of finales. If you’re even slightly curious as to how a psychedelic experience sounds, listen to this new podcast.

Feb 14, 2017

In part one of the podcast finale, D.S. Moss physically & mentally prepares for his psychedelic ego death trip. Psychologist and psychedelic guru Dr. Neal Goldsmith, author of Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development, joins the show to discuss how death influences the psychedelic experience - from tribal rites of passage to end-of-life therapy to death of ego. Devin Martin, life (and death) coach extraordinaire returns and cracks open the Moss shell to expose the gooey caramel center where his heart used to be and crafts the 7 ayahuasca ceremony intentions that will (hopefully) reprogram Moss’s less than healthy approach to LOVE and SUCCESS. It's like a blissful car crash.

Jan 17, 2017

D.S. Moss unplugs from the steady stream of media fuzz to go on a spirit journey in the Peruvian jungle and My God was it sweet! However, after two weeks of peace, quite and psychedelics, he feels compelled to go home and feed his dog.  Once reconnected into the fuzz, he’s caught off guard by the unrelenting reports and images of death in the news. Has the world become more violent? What effect does seeing death in news have on our behavior? And, is it his responsibility as a global citizen to bear witness to images of death across the world even if its at the expense of his own happiness?